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15 Mar 2019
1946/7 harry Truman is president. George cannon sends long memo, “long telegram,” talks
about Russian society/economymendacity, stealing primary characteristics. Policy of US
should be containment of soviet union. Overtime Russia would collapse.
o March 1947 congress addressed with Truman doctrine to support Greece against
o June secretary of state gives commencement speech at Harvard. Marshall plan
proposed European recovery from WWII.
o Article put out by “mr. x” aka cannon, on the policy of containment.
80’s Reagan puts new twist on American policy. Active, no longer passive. Began the SDI, called
star wars by newspapersnot supporting of strategic defensive initiative. Opened up multi-
trillion dollar contract with technology GE, sony, etc.
Six dimensions of war
o Shooting
o Economic
o Diplomaticalliances
o Cultural
o Technological
o Cyberwar
Animal farm published about the end of WWII
Public schools in England=private schools
Facism-19th century invention (along with state universities and symphony orchestra).
o Karl marx earliest
o Gobi neau, who saw the world in terms of color
o Great war broke down social arrangements
o Communist regime in russia
o Italy, early 1920’s huge Italian immigration to America
Italian and jewish immigration restrictions put into American legislation
Mussolini forms party, followed roman model, axe surrounded by rods
1922 march on rome demanding fascists take over, Mussolini becomes leader,
makes a few improvementscut mafias, built railroads, put people to work etc.
then crack down on criticism
o Nazi party founded 1919
1921 leadership passed to hitler, born Austria, rejected as an artist, joined army
for great war
1923 beer hall putsch by Nazis put down by cops, hitler goes to prison, my
struggle writtenwhat he attempted to do, clear cut
1930’s nazi party grows with enormous speed, ’33 nazis come to power
Reasons hitler came to power same as Mussolini
o All communitarian, emphasis on community not individual
o Deeply hostile to personal freedom, it allows one to stand apart from community
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