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Monday 9-8-2014 Lecture - Civilizations.pdf

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Louisiana State University
HIST 1007
Leonard Ray

Lecture CivilizationsTuesday August 26 20141059 AMWhy the West after 1500Western Europe disproportionate amount of attention post1500Began to have a huge impact on other civilizationsRise of the West after 1500 was unexpectedThree broad categoriesLanguage the official languages of the UN are English French Spanish Russian Chinese and Arabic 3 from Western EuropePolitics most countries have westernstyle forms of governmentTrade and culture Western Europe dominated trade routes even between nonEuropean civsculture follows tradeA General Model of CivilizationCooperationHumans can take care of more needs through coordinationcooperationMore advantages than working aloneBarter and tradeforms of exchange that require cooperationEconomicstrade specialization and interdependenceSpecializationbeing skilled in a particular industryDivision of labor the more members engage in trade the more specialized theyll beYou can compare civs by levels of specialization and interdependenceIncrease in specializationinterdependencehigher qualitymore sophisticated productionGoal make your work either producingselling or usingbuying more efficient so you can gain more from a trade relationshipAs institutions are created to manage trade relationshipsthey affect the behavior of people involvedYou need some form of management or hierarchy to deal with a large trade systemIf an economic enterprise spreads across too much spacehas too many people you cant have just one manager to oversee itWorkers have to be specialized into a hierarchysome people give ordersmake decisions others take ordersexecute those decisions
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