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Lecture 1

HIST 2055 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Starving Time, Salem Witch Trials, Columbian Exchange

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HIST 2055

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Possible Mult. Choice
- Columbian Exchange
o Exhange of goods from the new world to the old world
-Samuel de Champlain
-Founded quebec for purposes of fur trade to help France
-Quakers vs. Puritans
Quakerism was founded in Pennsylvania and practiced free will
Puritanism in Massachusetts was highly structured with not a lot of
free will
-Middle Passage
Through the Atlantic Ocean
Ppl transferred in cramped dirty ships
More than 10% of passengers died of disease and starvation
-Richard Hakluyt
Promoter of western planting for Great Britain
-John Smith
Started a relationship between the settlers of Jamestown and the
Came to a position of power during the the starving time
-Salem Witch Trials
Started burning ppl for being witches because a preacher’s daughter
was playing with their slaves and started accusing others of being witches
Ben Franklin-harnessed electricity
John Locke-philosopher
1. Muslims and Christians took each other as slaves in Africa
New World- started with them getting min. wage then slowly digressed into free
Bacon’s Rebellion- white servants wanted to be known to be above the African
Americans so rich whites gave servants rights to votes and categorized them as
different the blacks
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