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Lecture 1

HIST 2055 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Indentured Servant, Denmark Vesey, Natty Bumppo

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HIST 2055

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History 2055 (Dr. Burstein) December 3, 2013
SI Leader: Chad Shelley (
Office Hours: Thursday December 5
8:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m., Allen 39
Final Exam Review
Warm-up Exercise:
Answer the following Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Advocated for a national bank and central government
a. Thomas Jefferson c. George Washington
b. Alexander Hamilton d. Philip Freneau
2. How did Americans react to the French Revolution?
a. Supported the French Monarchy c. Federalists viewed the revolution as chaos
b. Republicans supported it d. Answers b & c
3. Labeled any form of speech that insulted the Federal government as treason
a. Sedition Act c. Jefferson-Madison Act
b. Espionage Act d. Treason Clause of 1812
4. Accusations against Andrew Jackson in the 1828 Presidential Election
a. Tyrannical Frontiersman c. Controversy of marriage to Rachel Donelson
b. Actions at Battle of New Orleans d. Treatment of Native Americans
5. Why did Andrew Jackson oppose the Bank of the United States?
a. Wanted lower interest rates c. oppressed the common American
b. Created monetary elite d. It stifled industrial growth
6. First American to earn a living as an author and transform a holiday
a. James Fenimore Cooper c. Washington Irving
b. Walt Whitman d. Edgar Allan Poe
7. Movement that inspired American artists to paint the Catskills and focus on nature
a. Hudson River School c. New York School
b. Appalachian School d. Oneida School
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8. Reasons for annexing Texas into the United States
a. Fear of British Encroachment c. Need more land for growing cotton
b. Home for Indian reservations d. Fear of invasion by Mexico
Group Exercises:
Review Essays:
(1) What were the specific issues that confronted political parties (a) in the years preceding
the Republicans’ 1800 triumph and (b) in the years of Andrew Jackson’s presidency?
How did Jacksonian democracy differ from Jeffersonian democracy?
- Bill of rights
- Hamilton wanted to make economic changes- wanted a national bank
- 1790s: 2 parties: Republicans and Federalists
- Whiskey Rebellion
- French Revolution- separated parties
- Gov.- fighting over how to interpret the constitution
- Fighting over size of government- one side wanted large gov., other sided with small,
limited gov.
- Andrew Jackson
Wanted to shut down national bank- put money into state banks
Focused on state rights
Invited masses to his inauguration- beforehand they had been more elite
Whig party- formation in opposition to Jackson
Common man representing masses
Make decisions on common sense
Promoted party politics
- Thomas Jefferson
Believed in educating people
Tried to represent common man, but was an elite
Did not favor party politics
- Common white men need to vote, attached it to property rights
- Nullification and South Carolina
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