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Lecture 1

HIST 2055 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Fugitive Slaves In The United States, Jacksonian Democracy, Mexican Texas

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HIST 2055

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(1) What were the specific issues that confronted political parties (a) in the
years preceding the Republicans’ 1800 triumph and (b) in the years of
Andrew Jackson’s presidency? How did Jacksonian democracy differ
from Jeffersonian democracy?
Whig Party- formed against Jackson; responsible active federal
government; whatever enhanced americans power besides
manifest destiny- expansion; wanted strong banking system
Both believed every man could become who they wanted to be
Jefferson- professional background; white American; Virginia-
everything to the 13 colonies- played nice with the Indians; best
education; idealism in government
o FEDERAL BANK SYSTEM- established by hamilton
o Thought slavery was evil; didn’t abolish- economic disaster
o Anti-federalist- states rights
o Belief in constituion
Whig party- anti-Jackson- beginning of Republican against
Jackson; saw him as tyrant
Jackson- frontier; rough; war hero- trail of tears; orphaned child-
self-made man
o Jacksonian society; focused on common man not industry
o Manifest destiny- take Indians lands
Had similar ideals
- Difference: distinct; evidence, list transitions, TEXTBOOK
o Voting rights, voting patterns, newspapers, tone of political
- Irrational fears of parties
(2) Summarize the issues surrounding the Mexican-American War. Then
explain the results of the war, in terms of territorial acquisition and its
impact on national politics.
a. Events leading up to it:
b. Lucradive trade route- southwest appealing to
c. Mexico gained independence from spain- americans move to
Texas- steven Austin with mex gov. permission
d. More people in southeastern states- americans- move to texas to
grow cotton
e. 1829- mexico ends slavery- americans wants to keep slaves in
Mexican texas
f. battle of Alamo- texas becomes independent- own separate state
g. war ended with treaty of guatalupe hidalgo; mexico succeeded cali-
“gave it to America”;recognized the rio grand as border between
Mexico and Texas- America
- story of texas
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