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KIN 2501 Of Kinesio Sport And Physical Activity In Modern America

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Sport and Physical Activity in Modern America Major themes The Good LifeoPeople wanted to come to the US because of the promise and dream of a good lifePeople thought that they would have the option to do anything that they wanted to do Contributions of Other Countries Perceived value Guiding Daily LivesSocial Organization oThe homogeneous communities there was some social stratification because we did not want to have a King like England didWe wanted to govern ourselves with no ruler over us oThere was the option to have not as strict social classes like could be found in Europe TechnologyIndustrial Revolution Changing Concept of Sport and Physical Education European InfluencesColonial Era 16071783Around the 1500s the Native Americans were already splaying sports they always played lacrosseSports physical activities and dance were all really important in the Native American culture New EnglandMassachusettsoPuritan Work Ethicthey were all about service to God and they had super strong religious beliefsThe Puritans believed that there was no time for idle playThey did not have any leisure which is somewhat fitting because they were trying to surviveoProhibited sporting activities such as sledding football dancing swimming ninepins bowling and shuffleboardoStrong desire to set up schoolso absolutely no Sunday amusements oGames for children had moral teachingsthose were the only games that they were allowed to play oTaverns were a major social center New York New AmsterdamoThey had a strong commercial spirit and they were seeking wealth and wanted to make moneyoThey had lots of festivals and gambling good food and drinkoThis area set an early precedent for sport and this became to center are for US sport at one timeoIn 1664 the government of NY organized the first formal horse race oBowling ninepins tennis cricket horseracing ice skating skittles Skittlesa ball is thrown down an alley at nine skittles pinsPulling the goosethey would grease the neck of a goose and hang the goose on loose ropes and ride the horse super fast and try to pull the head off of the goose oHad a strong family and community values as well as for frugality and diligence Pennsylvania oCame in search of religious freedom and their territory was very welcoming of other countries oWilliam Penn outlaws many of the fun pastimes oSports and games became more accepts over time because of large amount of immigrants that were allowedoQuakersSociety of Friends William PennoThis territory welcomed settlers from several European countries Sweden Germany France Scotland IrelandoPeace lovingice skating swim hunting and fishingoIn the 1770s there was a large focus place on nationalist pride and it really focused on physical activities for healthful benefits oBenjamin Franklin was a big proponent authorHe wrote Proposals for the Education of YouthHe thought the youth should be frequently exercised through running swimming jumping etc The Art of Swimming Rendered EasyHe thought swimming was one of the most healthy and agreeable activities
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