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KIN 2501 Of Kinesio Sport At The College Level

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Sport at the College LevelFootball A Game for College MenThe faculty at the universities did not want to have anything to do with these sports The FIRST EVER intercollegiate event was a rowing event between Harvard and YaleoAt this time the railroad was just becoming popularthis makes the railroad the first sponsor of this contestoThe railroad said that they would transport the two teams to allow the game to happen The first ever football game Princeton vs Rutgers 1869It was more like soccerrugby than todays FBThere were large teams and there was an emphasis on kicking Football originated in the colleges as opposed to baseball that had its origins in adult recreation Two men changed the game oWalter Camp Father of American Football His changes made the game resemble the game that we see today He put 11 players on a team and began naming positions He developed the line of scrimmage He marked the field with lines and made it a gridiron He made the players wear helmetsHe selected an AllAmerican team which gave legitimacy to the people that were playing and the effort that they put outPopularity and problems with the game oIt became a violent game with many injuries oIt was very popular though because there were MANY spectators oHarvard vs Yale became the first big rivalry between football teams Their game was known as the Hampton Yard Bloodbath Harvard won 90 of their games and Yale won 93 of their games oThe popularity of the college games posed new issues because there was so much crowd interaction and so many people coming onto the campus on the days of the games oAt first teachers would coach the teams but they needed more than this after some time and that is when the schools began to hire coaches The starts the organization of athletic departmentsLeague of four oHarvard oYale oPrinceton oColumbia Football spreads and addresses violence By the late 1800s FB spread throughout the USRose Bowl 1902oThe game was pretty boring and people were not expecting as many people to come as what showed upoBecause the first Rose Bowl was not too excited it was discontinued for while and when it was brought back they made sure that two very competitive teams played one another The president at the time was Theodore Roosevelt Because there were so many issues with FB at the time Teddy Roosevelt intervened and he made peopleexamine football and make some changes to make the sport betteroThe was the first time that a sports group was invited to the White House oHe wanted them to do away with gambling violence recruitment issues and paying of players Football Rules to Reduce Injuries There was a 1906 meeting where they decided that the forward pass would be a new football rule and this was in hopes that the ball could be thrown away from a huge pile to prevent more injuries It was considered sissy to throw the football so many men did not want to do thisThe football was also fat and it was really hard to throw which is another reason that people did not like passing the ball Amos Alonzo StaggoAttended Yale and studied religion in hopes of being a minister
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