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Basic Athletic Training Notes

Kinesiology: Professional Courses/Basic Activity Courses
Course Code
KIN 2503

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Lawsuits (continued)
Pinson vs. State of Tennessee
o College football player
o Head injury
Unconscious for 10 minutes
o Athletic training student accompanied the athlete to the hospital
Told the hospital staff that the athlete had only been
unconscious for 2 minutes
o Returned to play but had reoccurring symptoms
Headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, etc.
Was referred to the hospital again
o Surgery was required for his chronic subdural hematoma, which was
found after testing at the second time in the hospital
o Brain damage/no job
Woodson vs. Irvington Board of Education
o Track star-recruited to play football
o Had only one practice session on tackling
o Made a tackle and suffered a neck injury
o Coaches found to be at fault because he was not properly instructed
on proper tackling technique
Football helmet lawsuits
o Espersen vs. Buffalo Company
Football head injury due to a defective helmet
School was reusing helmets without reconditioning them
Parents and kids weren’t aware of this
Failure to warn people of the risks of wearing a defective
Parents sued the school for the above reasons
o Acuna vs. Riddell
Was wearing a defective helmet and suffered a head injury
Swelling/bleeding on the brain
Needed surgery to relieve these symptoms
Paralyzed/life-long care
Legal concerns of equipment
o Manufacturer liability:
Design & produce
o Athletic trainer, coach, equipment manager liable if:
Alters equipment
Doesn’t fit properly
Doesn’t supervise use of equipment
Fails to keep records on reconditioning
Follows guidelines
o Player is liable if:
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