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MC 2000 Intr To Mass Media Basic Models Of The Communication Process

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Mass Communication
MC 2000
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MC 2001 Basic Models of the Communication Process Linear and Simultaneous Transactions Models 09052013DO MEDIA MATTER IF SO WHY AND HOW Bin Laden social media vs traditional mediaWhat does this event tell us about the future of media THE FUTURE OF MEDIA TRADITIONAL MEDIA V SOCIAL MEDIAWhere is news most likely to break firstBut where do we turn to when we want to learn more Which media is more important No easy explanation because its complicatedTraditional media is still dominant because it is credible professional etc The definition of mass communication is changing because of this LEVELS OF COMMUNICATIONslide There are fewer senders as you move up the pyramid Interpersonal communicationOneonone communicationGroup communicationMass communication
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