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MC 2000 Intr To Mass Media Newspapers Lecture

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Louisiana State University
Mass Communication
MC 2000

MC2001NEWSPAPERSFIRSTMEDIUMFORMASSSOCIETY09102013What are your thoughts about newspapers Do you subscribe Why or why not Newspapers and News in a Digital EraNotable losses recently Rocky Mountain News Seattle PostIntelligencer TimesPicayuneChanging business model from print to onlineBoston Globe was purchased by the owner of the Red Sox keeping it local 20 years ago it was sold for 11 billion Today it was sold for 70 million Washington Post sold to the Amazoncom creator Jeff BezosHe addressed the staff members There seems to be a good outlook Skepticism came about from it Newspapers arePortablePredictableAccessibleCost EffectivePerishableDifficult to storeImpossible to updateAppeal to older adultsThe Premier Place of Newspapers in the News MediaMain Function Surveillance of the environmentNews is current or fresh information about an event or subject that is gathered processed and disseminated via a medium to a significant number of people Historical PerspectiveHow were our present media shaped by the events trends policies and changes in societyHow do our media select process and disseminate various categories of content What assumptions and forecasts can we make about the media we will have in the futureFactors in the Development of NewspapersTechnologyGuttenbergs pressSteam and powerdriven pressPhotographySocial SystemsGathering news delivery paymentRole and control of pressChanges in the Nature of the PopulationI Development of NewspapersThe Forerunner of NewspapersGazetta Venice mid1500sCoranto Holland early 1600sDefinition of a Newspaper1 Published weekly at least2 Produced by mechanicalelectronic printing process
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