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Mass Communication
MC 2000
Amy Reynolds

Intro to Mass MediaWhat is mediaCommunication transmission of a message from a source to a receiverMedium The means of sending information ex television newspaper books video games etcMedia plural of medium Mass communication the process of creating shared meaning between the mass media and their audiencesWhat is media literacyLiteracy the ability to effectively understand the use written or printed messagesMedia literacy BROADERthe ability to access analyze evaluate and communicate messages in a variety of forms Media literate people understand that media messages arecreated and constructeddistributed within political and commercial environmentsMEDIA LITERACY PRINCIPLESPrinciple 1 The media construct our individual realities Media helps us create our own individual notions of realityMedia materials are created w specific purposes in mind Human creations that present a script ab the culturePrinciple 2 The media are influenced by industrialfinancial pressuresMost media messages are produced by organizations in a commercial settingWhen you decode media ask Who paid for this What economic decisions went into creating this productPrinciple 3 The media are influenced by political pressuresPolitics the way a society is governedPolitics can refer to how govt regulates media court decisions ab media and interest groups desire to change what media do
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