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Lecture 1

MC 2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sitaonair, Local Tv Llc, Crowdsourcing

Mass Communication
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MC 2000

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MC2000 2/19/16
TV News guest speaker: Cindy Carter
TV News by the Numbers
There are 210 Television Markets
o #1 New York
o #2 Los Angeles
o #3 Chicago
o #4 Philadelphia
o #5 Dallas/Fort Worth
o #51 New Orleans
o #93 Baton Rouge
o #210 Glendive (Montana)
Today’s “Viewer”/News Consumer
39 of top 50 digital news sites are getting more
traffic from mobile devices than desktops
With that said, people who use their desk tops watch
What this means is TVfolks have had to re-think how &
when they produce content
The Adjustment
TV-station websites are more interactive and robust
Reporters tweet leads/breaking news/teases and updates
Reporters post on Facebook full pieces, teases and
even use crowdsource
Deadlines are blurry
Raw video, edited down pieces, quick soundbites and
web extras are available before “finished pieces”
“Live” is king
Local TV stations continue to capture viewers
Local TV showed slight increases for evening (3%) and
morning (2%) newscasts and even better results for
“early” morning and midday
Networks also had growth with 5% in evenings and 2% in
Cable news actually slipped with prime-time viewership
down 8%
TV stations want your attention
Quality isn’t what it used to be but it’s still out
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