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Lecture 12

MGT 3211 Lecture 12: Week 12

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MGT 3211

MGT 3211 Class & Reading Notes Week 12 (3/28 – 3/30) Tuesday, 3/28, HBR: Steve Jobs Case • Design Thinking • Definition: Innovation powered through understanding and the direct observation of what people need and desire, like or dislike • It is a form of solution-based thinking that starts what is meant to be achieved instead of starting with a certain problem • Then, by focusing on the present and the future, the parameters of the problem and the resolutions are explored, simultaneously • The Goal • To design a computer that fostered individual work • Customers would have to fall in love with computers • Simplicity in Design & Use Figuring out the needs of people first • • Sensibility: Taking care of every small detail • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! • Apple’s design sense was found to be one-of-its-kind (iPod mini) • Beyond Fashion • Going beyond superficial trends and getting to the essence of customer experience • Inside-out design seemed ‘cool’ to millions • No compromise between simplicity of use and functionality • Problems were treated as moving targets • CEO as Chief Innovator • Steve Jobs’ ‘design sense’ was confident and refined and his sensibility was dominant • His temperament showed that he had a larger vision in mind and would go to any length to achieve it • His vision emphasized on across-the-board excellence, right from aesthetics to superior operations • Emphasis on the timely launch of high-quality products • The ideology was to put individuals and their problem-solving efforts above everything else • Belief in simplicity being the ultimate sophistication • The End Result: ‘Beautiful elegant solutions that work’! Lecture Notes • Father was Syrian immigrant, mother was American • Grandparents not want his mother to marry his father, was put up for adoption • Specified that adoptive parents promise that he would go to college • Adoptive parents were uneducated • Jobs went to Reed college before dropping out, took calligraphy courses • Went to India to study Buddhism • Simplicity is sophistication • Humanities & sciences combined • Jobs at intersection of technology and humanity MGT 3211 Class & Reading Notes Week 12 (3/28 – 3/30) Thursday, 3/30, Aldo Leopold: The Land Ethic Aldo Leopold: The Land Ethic • Odysseus hung slave girls and not wife bc slaves were property, ethical structure covered wives, not slaves The Ethical Sequence • Extension of ethics is a process in ecological evolution • Sequences described in ecological and philosophical terms • An ethic, ecologically, is a limitation on freedom of action in the struggle for existence • An ethic, philosophically, is a differentiation of social from anti-social conduct • Origin in the tendency of interdependent individuals or groups to e
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