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Lecture 9

MKT 3413 Lecture 9: MKT 3413 Lecutre 9- Questionnaire Design Notes- Chp 8 (2.15.17)

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MKT 3413
Al Burns

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February 15, 2017 Lecture Notes
Al Burns, MKT 3413
“Questionnaire Design”
Questionnaire Design
Wording of questions- remember do’s and do not’s
Wording affects answers (aka “bias”)
Never use these words in a survey: “Ever, Always, Any, Never, Anything”
o Words are too extreme/absolute
4 Do’s
o Keep focused on single topic
“How do you feel about Sears?”
Too broad/vague, lots of functions of Sears
Better version: “Please rate each aspect of Sears.”
o Keep it brief
No long sentences
Good example: “When you need it, do you call Sears
o Keep grammatically simple
Avoid using lots of clauses
o Keep crystal clear
Make sure everyone sees the question the same way
4 Do Not’s
o Don’t ask leading questions
Key word: Should/shouldn’t
“Shouldn’t concerned parents worry about seat
Leads you to a certain answer
o Don’t ask loaded questions
o Don’t ask double-barreled questions
Includes more than one subject
What’s your opinion on cats and dogs?
o Don’t use overstated questions
Key words- dramatic/over the top words
Horribly, maimed, evil
Question Flow:
o Make sure you’re Questionnaire is following 4 Do’s and 4 Do Not’s
o Questionnaires are respondents first impression
Important to make them comfortable as quickly as possible
Question Types
o Screens
First questions asked/introduction
“Have you ever shopped at this location before?”
If yes, they are qualified
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