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PHIL 2020
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AristotleBook IHe studies under Plato for 20 years until he dies Aristotle tutors Alexander the Great died in 322 BC He has a son named Nichomachus who edited the text Nichomachean EthicsWhy dont you hurt your neighbor oBecause god says not tothis is how they would answer in the middle agesoNowadays there are too many religions to be able to use religious justificationthe Greeks wanted this tooIt is the heart that matters to us but the Greeks think it is the actions that matterYou have chanceborn into good family good body good mind or you arent But in Christianity you dont have that you can compensate for it with a good heartoYou can have a good afterlifeyou are rewarded even if you do nothing in your life as long as you have a good heartoArteexcellence Achilles had this because he was a ruthless warrioractionsIf there was a C
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