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Five Dialogues Notes

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Louisiana State University
PHIL 2020

Five DialoguesEuthyphroEuthyphro and Meletus think that they knowthey have knowledge especially about the godsEuthyphro assumes that Socrates cannot be persecuting anyone because he DOESNT knowhe is always going around asking questions and telling people he does not knowMeletus is accusing Socrates of corrupting the youth and telling lies about the godsThis implies that Meletus DOES know about the gods and the truthS asks E what is the definition of piety He does not want to know the action or the people just the definition or the ruler to measure what is pious 1What I do and am doing2What is dear to the godsaBut they argue and disagreebE says that the gods agree on one pointanyone that has done wrong should be punishediS says that nobody says they did something wrong and should be punished Wrong is wrong but everyone disagrees on what is wrong3What is dear to ALL the godsaProperty of piety not the definitionbThis implies that E is godlike because he knows things about the gods so must be a god or godlike himself4Piety is the part of justice that concerns the godsaThis is in reply to S numbers analogystill doesnt follow what S wants it deals with the gods instead of just piety itselfbSo justice deals with men except the little part that is piety bc it deals with godsEuthyphro promises to show everyone somethingit will dawn upon everyone what piety is when they see itSocrates says that they will understand if he shows them well and their attention will be focused He then says that a thought came to him while Euthyphro had been speakingshows that he was not showing him well because he had other thoughts while E was speakingSocrates says that piety keeps moving so he wants to try to tie it to justice Justice and piety can be tied together What if piety is a part of justice Does piety encompass justice or does justice encompass pietyHe talks about numbers and how they are split into even and oddin doing this the definition of even and odd come from within number He wants this to be done with piety
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