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POLI 4059 Politics Of The Middle East Pluralistic Regimes

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POLI 4059

Pluralistic RegimesPluralistic Regimes Multiple factions that can compete for power Realistic chance of actually succeeding Two types oDemocracy A regime in which institutions exist to ensure that the politics is competitive oSemi democratic Politics is competitive have institutions to ensure competition but they are flawed Ex Elections partially manipulated Islamist parties outlawed censored media Only three countries have been democratic or semi democratic oIsrael oTurkey oLebanon Tunisia and Morocco could be called semi democratic due to the Arab SpringHow the Institutions operate Israel oA long standing democracy oReasons to why its different European Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century created the country Israel is a European state within the Middle East Created by a Zionist movement as a homeland for the worlds Jews Immigrant based populationheterogeneous Geared towards serving the Jewish population Was created in 1948 on land owned and occupied by other people Zionist established the formal state of Israel with the help of UN 1948 Palestinian Arabs ArabsConcept of Palestinian nationalism developed at the same time of its formationCreates severed hostility towards Israel Nakba expulsion Israel seizes the West Bank and Gaza in 1967By 1968 more hostility in a country where people are being forced out Angry Arabs living under Israeli rule Those who stay in central Israel get Israeli citizenship oKey to understanding Israeli politicsIsraeli societies divided along ethnic religious and ideological linesoSocial Cleavages in Israel Jews vs Israeli Arabs Palestinian Arabs with Israeli citizenshipcomprising 2025 of the populationDescendants who did not flee their home in 48Can vote form political parties have seats in Parliaments express freely Fairly good standing of living but lower income than the Israeli Jews Many consider them a threat Non Jews living in a state whose purpose is to advance the purpose of the Jews Israeli Arabs do not have affiliation with Israels goals Parties talk about removing all of ArabsLimitations Until 1966 lived under military rule rather than civilian law dual judicial system Until 1966 half of the land they were living on was confiscated and given to Jews or kept by the state for another purpose Few Israeli Arabs elected to Parliament dont play a role within politics Parties never invited to join the coalition government One Israeli Arab served in the cabinet Closely monitored by security forces Prevented from having contact with Palestinian organization Israeli Arabs not subject to join the military at the age of 18 No Arabic language universities in Israel leave after immigration Anyone who can prove Jewish heritage can come to Israel Spouses and other relatives of Israeli Arabs do not automatically get citizenship Second class citizens Political party cannot form any extremely communist secular party that opposes the Jewish character of the state ex Islamists About 80 are Moslem 10 Druze10 Christian Greek Orthodox 85 of Palestinians who fled in 1948 and their descendants are not entitled to Israeli citizenship All of their property was confiscated and are not allowed to return to Israel Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are not entitled to citizenship Citizens of the Palestinian Authority state Live under a combined authority of Israel and Palestinian Authority Citizenship connected to states has rights and responsibilities Stateless essentially but are living under the authority of Israeli military occupation
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