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15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
Policy Change
Forms of policy succession
o Linear directly replacement or change of program location
o Consolidating several programs become one
o Splitting one program becomes multiple programs
o Nonlinear complex changes that involve several kinds of succession
Policy change is easier to enter into the policymaking process (agenda setting) &
will at times have an automatic recurring role of the agenda
Incremental change to improve existing programs are easier to pass than new
Actually change the programs may be difficult if the change threatens the exiting
program’s viability or funding
Change can also originate within the departmental programs themselves
Change can be difficult if:
o Those that need to mobilize for change have an interest in the status quo
o Ideology at one or another level can influence the application of the
program ( particularly @ local level)
o The change is difficult to translate to those carrying out the policy
o Policy is carried our among several agencies with interest in maintaining
current elaboration
o Privatization requires implementing change within private contracted
Economic Policy
o Generally the economy in U.S. since end of WWII has been predictable &
o Recession beginning in 2008 has adjusted thinking regarding economy’s
predictability & stability
o We look differently @ the economy now
o Previous understanding of the economy: cycles & fluctuations natural &
beyond the control of human beings (laissez faire, liberal economics)
o Changed after Great Depression & post-WWII economic boom
o Understanding of gov’ts role in economy shifted
o Debate began to center on how involved the gov’t should be in the
economy rather than should the gov’t be involved
o Economic policy = several decisions concerning spending for public
programs, patterns of taxation & interest rate charged by the bank
o Economic growth
From post WWII until mid 70s, wages & salaries increased every
year which also co-occurred w/ increase in consumer goods
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