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15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
How do articles play into the major themes discussed in class
Use discussion to put together a thematic element
o Example: evolution of federalism & use details from article to discuss how
federalism is important in policymaking
Agenda Setting
o Agenda setting is crucial to the whole process
If an issue does not make it to the agenda, it cannot be considered
& policy will not be made into this area
Most political part of policymaking process
o Often possible solutions & preferred solutions are already identified
before the agenda setting process begins (which connects this stage &
policy formation closely)
o How a problem is defined can also determine possible solution
o Problems must be determined to be worthy of action & attention
o Issues are often brought to the agenda from outside stimuli
o Problems must be identified
Issue attention cycle
Cycle that generally occurs within policymaking where
great public concern occurs for a short period of time, the
gov’t pays attention, and then it is realized that
policymaking takes time & money, followed by disinterest
in the problem
Punctuated equilibrium
Period of great policy activism within many areas of
policymaking, followed by period of withdrawal
Labeling or framing
Tendency to put a policy problem within a certain
framework to draw attention, but can be reframed as
problem evolves
Types of agendas
o Formal or informal
Formal: Supreme Court opinion
Informal: what’s discussed concerning public problems
o Systemic v. institutional agendas
“all issues that are commonly perceived by the members of a
political community as meriting public attention and as involving
matters within the legitimate jurisdiction of existing governmental
authority” (p.69)
“that set of items explicitly up for active & serious consideration of
authoritative decision makers” (p.69)
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