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Published on 15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
Continuing Structure & Beginning Explaining Policy Choices
o Directly related to picket fence idea
o Iron triangles fed gov’t does not act as unified institution w/ integrated
policy choices but endorses decisions made by portions of the gov’t;
policy areas act in isolation using power & legitimacy to advance their
own goals rather than broader public interest
3 actors
Interest group
o Purpose is to influence small area of gov’t concern
w/ their area of interest
o Can use influence over votes as well as money &
connections to make this happen
o Provides technical expertise in the area w/ research
staff & other resources at their disposal
Congressional committee or subcommittee
o Review suggestions for legislation & make
o Specialized develop expertise over time & often
come from areas that are concerned w/ the
particular policy need
o Reduce work load for Congress, but can be biased
o Insulated from doing work outside of their
particular area
Administrative agency
o Want to promote their particular interests
o Concerned w/ survival & budget
o Can be involved in making policy ideas reality
o Effects of subgovernments
Specific & lacks coordination
Difficult to reverse process unless crisis occurs
Incoherence in policy when viewed as a whole
Encourages a large number of actors in the process w/ a difficult
excluding possibly unnecessary actors
May be more adequately called issue networks or policy
communities than iron triangle
Leads to the following basic patterns of current decision making:
Logrolling exchange of political favors to achieve
passage of projects
Pork barrel passage of special projects in exchange of
passage of other special projects
Earmarks special provisions within bills
Public & private
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