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15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
Complexity of the U.S. system
o Many structures but no real organization lack of coordination, coherence &
o Lack of central control is intentional
o Caused development for policy areas to remain independent of central
o Advantages of fragmentation
Full deliberation more decision means less errors & more innovation
Central gov’t less likely to abuse the rights of citizens & interest of
socioeconomic groups
Multiple access points (losers at one level can be winners at another)
o Disadvantages of fragmentation
Difficult to accomplish anything
Gridlock or divided gov’t issues
Policy areas may cancel out progress for other areas
o Constitutional allocation of gov’t powers btwn. the federal & state gov’ts
o State given all powers not expressly given to federal gov’t
o Supremacy of federal law when a direct conflict exists
o Different models of federalism
Layer cake federalism or separated powers model
Clear distinction btwn. powers of federal & state gov’ts
Marble cake federalism
Gov’ts mixing
Roles not as clear
Picket fence federalism
Policy areas become focus rather than levels of gov’t
o Slow move generally in the centralized direction (although this has been
questioned recently)
o Control of more local gov’ts can be absolute (mandates) or flexible (some
grant process)
o Funding is most effective tool for compliance
o Boom of local gov’t development particularly the special districts which are
meant to circumvent restrictions from other levels
o Grant system, though, has had a centralizing effect
Separation of powers
o Distribution of power among 3 branches of gov’t
o Checks & balances
o Veto points”
Point at which a progressing policy can be overturned
o Makes the task to policy formation uniting a coalition across the different
levels of gov’t
o Text includes bureaucracy much like a 4th branch
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