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Child DevelopmentChapter 1IAn Orientation to Child DevelopmentAChild developmentscientific study of the patterns of growth change and stability that occur from conception through adolescenceThis covers agerelated changes from conception to As a developmental psychologist I should point out that development is a lifelong processWe tend to think of development as gaining abilities up to middle adulthood and then going into declineBut every stage of life has gains and lossesBTopical Areas in Child Development 1There are three main areas or approaches in child developmentaPhysical developmentinvolves the bodys physical makeup including the brain nervous system muscles and sensesIt also includes the need to eat drink and sleepMalnutrition during infancy and childhood can have a huge detrimental effect on an individuals intelligencebCognitive developmentinvolves the ways that growth and change in intellectual capabilities influence a persons behaviorSo here were looking at learning memory problem solving and intelligenceIf you have any experience with young children you know that their approach to solving problems can be a bit randomthey often have difficulty transferring material learned in one situation to a new slightly different situationThe ability to transfer information across situations develops over timecPersonality and social developmentPersonality developmentinvolves the ways that enduring characteristics that make individuals unique change across the lifespanI have a younger cousin that was incredibly shy as a childEven among just family members that she knew well she was practically terrified of speaking and tried her best to just fade into the backgroundIt was severe enough that there was serious discussion about sending her to a therapistThen around 10 years old she started to come out of her shellBy the time she was in high school she was a cheerleader and took part in public speaking events Researchers interested in personality development do research into which personality characteristics seem to be stable over the lifespan and which are likely to change over time
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