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Chapter 4Birth and the Newborn InfantThe Three Stages of LaborLabor is described in three stages and together these stages complete the delivery and the passage of the placenta 1Stage OneThe first stage is the process of reaching full cervical dilatation This begins with the onset of uterine labor contractions and it is the longest phase of labor The first stage is divided into three phases latent active and deceleration aIn the latent phase the contractions become more frequent stronger and gain regularity and most of the change of the cervix involves thinning or effacement Most variable time stage 20 hours for first child If water rupture labor speeds upbThe next portion of the first stage of labor is the active phase which is the phase of the most rapid cervical dilatation Most predictable 5 hours for first 2 for secondcFinally there is the deceleration phase during which the cervical dilation continues but at a slower pace until full dilation Transition phase Fetus drops down in pelvis Vomiting and uncontrollable shaking for mom 2Stage TwoThe second stage is the delivery of the infant During the second stage mom actively pushes out the baby 23 hoursThis is when an episiotomy may be administeredincision to increase vaginal opening3Stage ThreeThe third stage of labor is the passage of the placenta which can be immediate or take up to thirty minutes The process may be sped up naturally by breastfeeding which releases oxytocin or medically by administering a drug called pitocinTesting the Neonate NeonatenewbornThe Apgar score the very first test given to your newborn occurs in the delivery or birthing room right after your babys birth The Apgar test is usually given to a baby twice once at 1 minute after birth and again at 5 minutes after birth Sometimes if there are concerns about the babys condition or the score at 5 minutes is low the test may be scored for a third time at 10 minutes after birth
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