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SOCL 2001 Introductory Socl Sociology Lecture Notes

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SOCL 2001
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Different ways people influence the way we thinkAschs Conformity ExperimentoHe wanted to study how much pressure for conformity it would take to get people to think and believe things in order to do things totally against what their instincts told themoHe did a study using lines on an index cardGroupThinko1 Process starts with EthnocentrismThinking we are the bestAura of invincibilitywe think we can never lose or make a wrong decisiono2 XenophobiaIf were the best others have to be worseLeads people to discount outside adviceLeads us to demonize our enemieso3 Discouragement of DissentAnyone who disagrees with a group decision will be heavily criticized o4 Appearance of UnanimityThey want all decisions to appear unanimousthat theyre all on the same page they all agreeAllows individuals to hide behind the face of the group so they dont have to take responsibility for their decisionThe process of GroupThink leads to Risky Shiftwhere individuals in a group can take riskier decisions that cause the group to take riskier behavior than any individual would do on their ownFormal Groupsgroups that have formal rules for membershipo1 Utilitarian GroupsGroups that we join to gain some material benefito2 Normative GroupsGroups that we join because we believe in the goals of the groupExample political partieso3 Coercive GroupsGroups that we dont have any choice about whether or not to become a memberExampleprisons mental institutions military draftBureaucracieslarge groups that become large complex organizations noted by certain distinct featuresoHierarchy of Organizationschain of commandoDetailed Rules and Regulations red tapeThese rules have to do with peoples jobsoHigh Specialization and High Division of LaborEveryone has their own job and no one is suppose to do anyone elses joboImpersonal Client RelationshipsPeople arent treated as individualsTheyre treated as ID numbers case numbers etcNo one gets any special treatmentProblems Within BureaucraciesoRitualismRigid adherence to follow rules and regulationsNo flexibility to adapt to regulationsoAlienationWorkers dont have any room for creativity in their jobsEverything is already controlled for them they stop caring
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