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SOCL 2001 Introductory Socl Sociology2001 Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2001

Sociology 2001011409Auguste Comte Sociologie 1854Adam Smith 176Wealth of Nationsargued for free market capitolsLaissezfaire leave it alone no government regulationsMercantile colonies had to supply raw materials to the mother countryJohn Hancock smuggled goods and made moneyEngland and France fought for dominance over coloniesHigh Division of Labor Smith said that by giving specialized tasks you would produce more efficiently Everyone has their own specific taskKarl Marxsome say hes the first SociologistGerman of Jewish descent political activisttried to come up with solutions to Capitalism Economic determinism economic system of any society shapes that society Historical Materialism Feudalism large land owners owning land peasants agricultural workers bound to the land by lawMarxthe elite upperclass making themselves wealthy off labors of others regardless of what economyMarxs Ideas Relation to the Means of Production workers not getting full benefit of their labors owners exploit workersworkers realize they are being exploited they will come together and take control of the RMPConflict Theory looks at conflicts between different societies conflict over control of resourcesC Wright MillsThe Sociological Imaginationhis bookhave the ability to see what we look at as personal troubleslast chapter The Sociological Promise sociology should make society betterStructural Functionalism are the component parts of a society how does each of these parts function other parts have to compensate for a change in one partinfluenced by Charles Darwin and evolutionHerbert Spencertried to make a correlation between evolution of organism and evolution of societiesparts in organisms work like parts in societyTalcott Parsonscompared differences between complex modern societies to simpler societiesRobert Merton Talcotts studentnot everything in society has a function
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