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Lecture 3

UCWR 110 Lecture 3: Define Logos & Pathos

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College Writing Seminar
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UCWR 110
Nathan Jung

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UCWR Class Notes September 21, 2016 “Modes of Persuasion – Logos & Pathos” Logos a. the rational principles that governs and develops the universe b. appeals to reasons, reasoned discourse, argumentation c. isn’t typically going to employ over emotional language, morality, good will, intention d. will be supported by actual, reasonable, support Major types of logos-based claims a. natural proof b. artificial. Technical proof - inductive logic (specific to general) - deductive enthymeme (general to specific) Paradigmatic Enthymeme “Socrates is mortal because he’s human” a. major premise? – humans are moral b. minor premise? – Socrates is human c. conclusion? – Socrates is moral because he’s human validity of conclusions depends on stability of major. Minor premises – imperative to uncover missing premise Other Enthymeme a. enthymeme based on signs b. enthymeme where audiences supplies a premise c. visual enthymeme Pat
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