HIST 141 Lecture 1: Early dynasties and religions

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HIST - History
HIST 141

Xia dynasty (myth)- ca 2070 or 2000-1600 B.C.E Shang ca. 1788-1122 B.C.E written evidence Xia- no written historical evidence Before Shang found some evidence of cultures Yangshao- pottery, lived in small villages, kept some animals, burial rights 5000-3000 B.C.E Longshan culture- 3000-1900 B.C.E sophisticated agriculture, greater variety in tools, switches rituals and religions, ancestor worship Fuxi- Brings animals into domestication with people Shennong- created the plow and agriculture Yellow emperor- created houses silk weaving Pangu- split and formed heaven and Earth breath- created wind and clouds body parts- created everything possible with the Earth Nugua- blue heaven turtle, feet are four pillars (compass), tames or slaughters beasts, creates people, goddess of marriage and recreation of people Shang- new kinds of political authority, villages organize around family and lineage, patrilineal-father to son, fraternal- brother to brother, the capital is the king and it is mobile, two elements ancestors that are invoked and shang di Shang di- led into the mandate of Heaven Shang- means on high di- means god Some pots were used for spiritual festivals or ritual kings power illusion they are right Intent re: king sole ability to communicate with highest power - Monopoly on di, via ancestors, guardians forestall, nature, harm Western Zhou overthrow Shang Dynasty Spring and Autumn period- Confucius Growing competition between states (feudal) Zhou having issue tu
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