AMS 207 Lecture 4: AMS 207 Notes 2-16

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11 May 2017
Manifest Destiny
- The belief that the Us was destines to expand Westward over the entire continent:
geographial deteriis
o Used to justify conquering Native Americans
- Focuses on American capitalist energy on the American West
- Demonstrates American epasioist attitudes, optiis ad idealis ad a elief i diie
proidee i the 19th century
Jefferson Agrarianism
- For Jefferson, agrarian life was the most virtuous (thought cities increased immoral behavior);
he built his notion of republicanism around the farmer and imagined a republic of yeoman
farmers stretching to the wests. Economic self-sufficiency and land ownership would create
independent, civic-minded citizens
- Those ho laor i the earth are the hose people of God.
- The philosophy drove the Louisiana Purchase and Levis and Clark expedition
Monroe Doctrine
- States that no European powers should attempt to colonize lands in North America, particularly
i the Aeria West ad the Cariea. A attept to do so ill e take as hostile atio
against the United States. Also states that US will stay out of European political affairs outside of
North America
o Isolationism
- While the Monroe Doctrine is generally interpreted as isolationist, it focused US energy on the
American West and Caribbean.
Jacksonian Democracy, 1828-1850s
- Adre Jakso’s politial philosoph foused o the oo a: eteded otig rights to
all white men; decentralized banking institutions; Indian removal for homesteading; allowing for
quick change to statehood in Midwest
- Roati Deora
- Emphasis on creating unique American Culture
- Texas fights and wins a war of independence from Mexico and becomes a nation; is annexed by
the US in 1845, which engenders the Mexican-American war where the US wins most of the
present day Southwest
- Like the drastic increase in US technological growth, victory leads to optimism and self-
Other factors
- Preemptive Act (1841) and Homestead Act (1862) guarantee land for settlers in the West
- Railroad building
- Gold rush
- Urban problems discussed last week; real estate speculation
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