AMS 207 Lecture 8: AMS 207 Notes 3-10

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11 May 2017
Exporting Culture
- Popular culture (movies, TV, Music, Sports, etc.) is now the number one US global export. This is
seen as something that brings US values and lifestyles to the world as well as generating profit
from American companies.
- Often popular culture us disseminated via new technologies: satellites,, internet, social media
that are also considered important components of globalization.
- The US received relatively few foreign pop culture products.
- Some argue this is a positive process, reading American values like freedom and quality.
- Others argue it is more a process of cultural imperialism where US culture spreads in the name
of profit and increased homogeneity of consumption.
- Cultural imperialism, cultural homogenization, and cultural hybridity.
Hard and Soft Power
- Hard power is military might, political and economic coercion, the realpolitik associated with
hostile negotiations between political actors and nation states
- “oft poer is ultural, soial, itelletual, ad ideologial ideas, alues, attitudes, and behaviors
that ifluee hua life.
- Pop culture as winner of cold war?
- Why is pop culture so effective as a harbinger of American Ideas
Two types of Culture
- Anthropological culture:
o The lived experience of everyday life and social institutions, which normalize certain
behaviors and values and marginalize others.
- Popular culture:
o Material that is generally available to al, and from which we as individuals derive
Popular culture and values
- It is sometimes accepted, sometimes appropriated, sometimes flat out rejected, and always
contested as to meaning.
- But it appears to represent something about of way of life.
- What ight Leae it to Beaer tell us aout 95s U“ ulture?
- What are some examples of contemporary pop culture that reflect our values
- Pro and college sports are a huge business and a huge US export around the globe
- What values do sports demonstrate, and how do they relate to other forms of pop culture
- Also, sports pop culture (Hoosiers, 1987)
Happy Endings
- Despite some examples to the contrary, most US narratives in pop culture always have happy
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