AMS 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Native American Graves Protection And Repatriation Act, Dawes Act, Homestead Acts

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6 Oct 2017
AMS 207H - Lecture - Globalization: Policy, Indigenous Concerns, and Human Rights
Legislated identities
Initial contact!
Treaties: nation to nation!
Presumes sovereignty!
Homestead Act (1862) and Dawes Act (1877)!
Who's indigenous !
Land disposition!
Legal destination!
U.S. Citizenship: 1924!
U.S. asked every native and developed blood quantum.!
CDIB card- today natives carry showing tribe and percent Indian blood.!
Tribal Citizenship!
Legislation in other realms!
Education- boarding schools!
Religion- 1880-1978 illegal to practice native religion!
Crime- it was a felony if even a minor crime happened on Indian reservations.!
Policy and Law
Political globalization- intensification and expansion of political interrelations across the globe.!
Important questions about!
State sovereignty!
Governmental organizations!
Future prospects for governance!
Challenges boundary of nation state!
Westphalian model!
Woodrow Wilson: League of Nations!
United Nations: 1945!
Treat of Westphalia (1265)- property owner w/ people living on, no formal government, lots of
fighting, came idea of Nation State.!
Global Policy: UN
193 member nation states!
Maintain international peace, security!
Equal rights, self-determination!
International cooperation!
Description of DRIP
46 articles!
Focus on fundamental human rights!
Prohibits many inhumane acts committed against indigenous peoples over past centuries.!
Took 25 years to pass (1982-2007)!
144 in favor, 11 abstentions, 4 against!
Against: US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia!
"Settler-colonial" nations!
Some thought it was unclear, undermining their own authority.!
Problem with indigenous determining what was in their best interest.!
Obama changed vote to "yes" in 2010, and all the other no votes were reversed too!
It was meant to prevent another colonial practice-counterbalance.!
right to religion, sights, resources!
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