AMS 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Rainy Mountain, Intersubjectivity

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19 Oct 2017
AMS 207H - Lecture 13 - The Way to Rainy Mountain!
About N. Scott Momaday!
Many roles!
Poet, author, painter, academic!
Kiowa and Cherokee!
Born 1934, Lawton Oklahoma!
Parents teachers and artist!
Grew up in southwest!
Parents are products of boarding school era!
Parents went to work for bureau of Indian aairs!
University of New Mexico!
Pulitzer Prize in fiction, 1969 (first native American)!
Academy of lifetime achievement, 1993!
National medal of arts, 2007!
Momaday: The Journey
Cross-cultural perspectives !
Process of coming to know sacred!
Journey of becoming- to really understand something is sacred activity!
Cumulative process over many generations!
Momaday is sharing stories he has heard from parents, grandparents with world...his
“Man’s reality” (4)!
The imaginative experience- to understand things from past, we must engage
imagination and creativity.!
Always intersubjective- all sources come together for you to have your own understanding
(thing google, conversations, books, etc.)!
Landscapes- connection to land!
A time past- yet human spirit endures!
Enduring human spirit!
Three voices—four aspects!
Mythic, legendary!
Historical, cultural—written documentary record, how cultures act, react, interact!
Personal experience!
Inter-subjectivity—all come together to get understanding !
The Mythic, Legendary: Momaday
Myths and legends about how we experience and view the world.
Symbolize universal human experiences.!
Three types!
Explanatory: origins!
Admonitory: dangerous acts and emotions!
Exemplary: proscribed behavior, how this group should behave, valued qualities/characters!
How Momaday represents!
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