AMS 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Rainy Mountain, Decision-Making, Oral Storytelling

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21 Oct 2017
AMS 207H - Lecture
Literary analysis from indigenous perspective- what an indigenous person thinks we should take
Starts with description of how land was created- animals live in sky and beetle came down and
all worked together to turn mud into land.
He states how he's heard this story many times. This story emphasizes traditions.
comes full circle
Constant source of reflection
Symbolic model
Creation stories (Rainy Mountain)
This is an explanatory model for indigenous cultural expressions.
Focus on nature (animals)
Survival- to preserve traditions, shared experience of colonialism.
Survivance is equal to adaptive resistance.
Privileging community over individual
Self-sacrifice in order for entire group to contribute.
Everybody is integral to whole.
Balance tradition within context of modernity.
Emphasis on kinship/family
Decision making based on consensus.
Even weakest part of whole has something of value.
Identifies by tribal affiliation (first link of identification)
"Stories do work"
Non-linearity storytelling
Disrupts idea of causation
Graphic, Oral, and Critical Impulses
All are interactive from indigenous perspective in telling story.
Western culture privileges graphic since we value what is written down.
We give less validity to verbal knowledge.
Oral- storytelling traditions being passed down.
Graphic- writing, pictures, drawings
Critical- analysis, considering multiple perspectives
Use all of this to be able to make up your own mind
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