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Chemistry & Biochemistry
CHM 142
Dr.James D.Garrity

The radioactive decay of any isotope follows first order kinetics N t/ N0 = .5^n = .5^(t/t 1/) T / t1/2= n Ionizing radiation—high-energy products of radioactive decay that can ionize molecules  In medical terms, ionizing radiation is that which has enough energy to ionize water Absorbed dose—quantity of ionizing radiation that is absorbed per unit of mass of living tissue  SI unit is the Gray (Gy) 1 Gy = 1J/kg Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)—factor that accounts for differences in physical damage caused by different types of radiation  RBE is inversely related to penetrating ability of the particles Effective dose = Absorbed dose(Gy) * RBE  Unit is the Sievert (Sv) Linear—risk increases proportionally with exposure S-shaped—Risk low below critical level, increases rapidly above threshold Therapeu
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