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Lecture 7

EDP 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: List Of Bluetooth Profiles, Social Rejection, Kaitlyn (Wrestler)

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Educational Psychology
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EDP 256
Vermillion Judith

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Kaitlyn Harlow
November 7th, 2016
Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders- Day 2
1. School psychologists administer several formal assessments during the evaluation process.
What is the purpose of these assessments? Must address all pertinent aspects of
student functioning, use multiple measures, and be nondiscriminatory.
2. With previous disabilities we have discussed the classroom teacher providing information
on the academic performance of the student in relationship with their peers as part of the
assessment. What type of teacher information is important in the identification of these
students? How would you report this data to the evaluation team, what form would you use?
HINT: See the chart on page 233.
3. What is a strength-based assessment and why is it important?
Measures students on social and emotional strengths, the characteristics that give them
confidence, and traits that help them cope with adversity. It looks at some of the important skills
it takes to communicate with others and build relationships.
Strategies for educating students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD)
Read elementary and secondary school services
4. The major concerns about including students with EBD in the general classroom are
curriculum, social rejection and mental health treatment. Explain why each of these is a
challenge. Curriculum- pressure can cause more problems. Social rejection- have trouble
making friends or they make friends with people that have similar problems. Health treatment-
often need comprehensive services that include strong mental health component in addition to
academic supports.
5. Watch the video in the EBD module entitled Including Students with EBD in the General
Classroom. As you are watching write down the procedures this team uses, the things the
teachers focus on and do as a team to help the student with EBD function successfully in the
general classroom. Keep them on the outer parts of the classroom and as they seem more
comfortable, move them closer to the middle. Look at strengths and weaknesses in curriculum,
keep reevaluating. Treat all students the same. Make accommodations for students, include
students in decision making.
Required Interventions in IDEA
6. A functional behavior assessment (FBA) is a required IDEA component for students with
EBD. What are the two assumptions that form the purpose for this tool? What is an ABC
chart? Read through the example of a FBA for Tate and be able to apply what you read to a
FBA we will write in class. 1. Challenging behavior occurs in context 2. Challenging behavior
serves a function for the student. ABC chart- antecedents, behavior, and consequences
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