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Lecture 17

EDP 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Kaitlyn (Wrestler), Twice Exceptional

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Educational Psychology
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EDP 256
Vermillion Judith

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Kaitlyn Harlow
December 5th, 2016
Gifted and Talented- Day 2
Service to students who are gifted and talented
Recommended Educational Practices
Although there is no federal mandate to serve these students, most states serve these students
through the various instructional programs outlined by NAGC (National Association of Gifted
Children) on page 511.
1. What is curriculum compacting? Goals of instruction are identified, student masters all
parts of instruction.
Define these practices and list some pros and cons of these approaches:
2. Acceleration- advancing learners through levels of curriculum and programs according to
individual achievement and performance. Pros: advancing grades in a single year Cons: hard to
form friendships with people that aren’t your age.
3. Enrichment- extension of regular curriculum with different examples and associations that
build complex ideas. Pros: gets more challenging work than other classmates Cons: adds to
their normal workload instead of replacing it
4. Differentiation- instructional approach that assumes that students need many different
avenues to reach their learning potential. Pros:
5. What is problem-based learning? Students encounter a real-world problem designed by
the teacher to address key concepts. Students explore the problem, gather research data about
it, and design interventions to solve it.
Watch the video on Shilling School in Cincinnati in the Gifted module. It is a private school for
students who have been identified as gifted.
6. What activities are provided at Shilling that are difficult to provide in a typical school yet
match up well to the characteristics you have studied? List at least three.
1. Provide two days of selective classes like dance, foreign language, band, fencing
2. Incorporate art into curriculum
3. Peer groups
4. Variety of classes
5. Different thought processes
Professional Edge: Students Who Are Twice Exceptional pg. 518
7. What is the definition of a student who is twice exceptional? Have special gifts and talents
but have learning disabilities as well.
find more resources at
find more resources at
There are many challenges listed for these students.
8. Which of these challenges would apply to students who are gifted and also have autism?
Difficulty with social interactions, problems in written expression, sensitive to criticism,
inconsistent academic performance
9. Which of these challenges would apply to students who are gifted and have a learning
problems in written expression, inconsistent academic performance, easily frustrated
find more resources at
find more resources at

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