EDP 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: List Of Fables Characters, Audiology, Rehabilitation Act Of 1973

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Special Education
Specifically designed instruction at no cost to parents to meet the unique needs
of a child
Includes related services
speech/language and audiology services
Interpretation and psychological services
Physical and occupational therapy
Recreation and social work services
School nurse services
Counseling services
Orientation and mobility services
Supplementary aids and services
Helps enable children with disabilities to be with nondisabled peers to the
maximum extent possible
Word-prediction software(assistive technology)
Court cases
1970: Diana vs. Board of Education
Assessments of spanish speaking children must be in their native
1972: PARC vs. PA
Guaranteed special education for children with intellectual
1972: Mills vs. Board of Ed
Extended the right to special education to children of all disabilities
1975: public law 94-142: addressed issues in court cases: funded efforts
to find children with disabilities who were not in school: mandated that
states follow the law in order to receive federal funding
1990: IDEA: clarified the need for supports for students as they transition
from highschool to post school educational or vocational options
6 core principles
Zero reject: all students receive public education
FAPE(free and appropriate public ed): services are free: IEP
LRE(least restrictive environment): educated in general education setting
as much as possible
Nondiscriminatory evaluation: unbiased assessments used for making
Parent and family rights to confidentiality: information is confidential and
parents have access to everything
Procedural safeguards: decisions made with parent input and compliance
with the laws
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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