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Lecture 15

EDP 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Separate School, Assistive TechnologyPremium

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Educational Psychology
Course Code
EDP 256
Johnson Ashley

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Determining Eligibility for Special Services
General education intervention
Teacher assistance teams
Precise procedures
Response to intervention and tiered approaches
Ensures students receive early intervention
Multidisciplinary team convenes to consider needs
Compile assessments
3 main questions
Does student have a disability?
Does the disability adversely affect the students ability to learn?
After the 3 questions are answered
IEP is developed
Need to first identify goals and objectives before placement is made
Annual review of IEP
Update information on student’s functioning
Review student’s progress
Set goals for the next year
May amend IEP as needed during the year
3 year reevaluation
Does the student need to be reassessed?
Does the student still need special education?
Parent permission is not required for reevaluation
Members of IEP team
General educator
Evaluation person
Special educator
Transition agency personnel
District representative
Required components of IEP
Present levels of performance
Annual goals
Short term objectives
Special education and related services
Supplementary aids and services
Assistive technology
Participation with nondisabled peers
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