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Lecture 2

EDP 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Formative AssessmentPremium

3 pages84 viewsSpring 2017

Educational Psychology
Course Code
EDP 301
Mary T Peters

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EDP 301 day 2
Class learning targets: understand what is expected of us in the class and how to access tools
required for success, have a deep understanding of why assessment is a practice that is integral
to learning, understand the need for clarity about the purpose and use of assessment,
distinguish assessment of and for learning
Definition (assessment): the active process of systematically collecting and analyzing student
learning evidence to make effective educational decisions, which are designed to promote
student learning.
Examples: is it of learning or for learning?
inform teaching and making adjustments (for), inform students on how to advance learning
(for), inform students on where they are in learning before moving on to the next unit (of),
determine misconceptions or level of student understanding (for), determine what has been
learned (of), determine what has been previously learned (for), evaluate student achievement
(of). Sort learners into groups (of), diagnose learning difficulties (for), issue grades and assign
levels (of), validate student success (of)
Assessment for learning:
five major principles of assessment for learning:
1. The provision of effective feedback to students
2. The active involvement of students in their own learning
3. Adjusting teaching too take account of the results of the different assessments
4. Recognition of the profound influence assessment has on the motivation and self esteem of
the learners, both of which are critical influences on learning
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