EDT 225 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Culturally Relevant Teaching

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1 Nov 2016
Culturally Relevant Teaching
Ganiva Reyes
November 1, 2016
Madison Williams
Common Quotes from Teachers
How can I hook these unmotivated, uninterested, low-achieving African- American
children who have no vision of a future in the world employment? These children are
usually poor, disadvantaged families on welfare assistance.
Most of the back students come from this neighborhood. It has a very poor reputation
and a history of problems. What insights do you have about dealing with students from
this neighborhood?
These studets geerall lak that spark for learig eause of all these
environmental factors- paret eglet, ause… I’ ot just referrig to oe or two kids
in my room but close to 50 Percent of my classroom.
Ladson-Billings book, page 98
Gloria Ladson-Billings
Teacher Educator
Decided to ask the community for their insights of who are good teahers
She visited classrooms observed by their teaching
Identified some key themes and patterns that the teachers have in common
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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