EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Matriculation Examination, Common Core State Standards Initiative, Social Change

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12 Mar 2017
High School Curriculum
1892 NEA determined the proper curriculum for high school
1918 NEA recommended different tracks
College bound
Commercial(book keeping, typing, shorthand, etc..)
industrial(prep for trade, agriculture, domestic)
General academic
Separate but equal?
Segregated schooling in the US
Plessy v. Ferguson: separate but equal public facilities
1954: Brown v. Board of Education: separate schools for whites and blacks
inherently unequal...ruled schools could no longer be segregated
ESEA 1965: provided federal funding for schools in America
Every 5 years this gets reauthorized under different names
Title 1 funding: provide schooling opportunities for disadvantaged students: Head
Start, after-school centers, and dropout prevention
No Child Left Behind 2001: states needed to develop content area standards and
standardized testing
Allowed more choice for parents
Schools with poor test scores could be closed
Race to the Top
Tied to common core standards
States applied for funding to support schooling efforts→ states with the
best proposals to reinvest the funding in the schools would win the funding
States had to adopt and commit to using common core standards to get
the race to the top money
Purpose of Education
To have a well educated/informed population to further democracy
To create critical thinkers that can grow and adapt
Creates structure and order
Social development
Economics: the more schooling the population has, the better they do
Creating a skilled workforce
To teach cultural literacy
Ways schooling has changed
Charter schools
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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