EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Human Capital, Cooperative Learning, School Choice

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12 Mar 2017
The Finnish Paradox
Finland ranked top in the PISA tests(the first one) then they slowly began to drop
A reason for this might be because they had to spend some much time
explaining their system and the reasons that they did so well
Finland doesn’t really value the PISA test; they value all the different subjects a
student can learn
Equality doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing---> it means everyone gets
what they need
Finnish Approach to Equity
Focus is on prevention and intervention
50% of students get help in the early grades so that they won’t fall further behind
Wants everyone on the same playing field
Inclusion: students stay in the same regular classes but get special help or
Forces teachers to differentiate teaching
The Finnish Advantage
Masters degrees are required for teaching
Teachers are viewed as professionals and are treated as such
No alternatives ways to being a teacher
There are 8 teaching universities and you must attend one to become a
Teaching is highly competitive: must take a written exam and do an interview
Finnish teachers study: theory of education, pedagogical content and knowledge,
Talented and motivated people go into teaching
Teacher education is research based
GERM: Global Education Reform Movement
Increased competition among schools
Standardized education
Focus on core subjects
Test-based accountability
School choice
Innovation Economy
Sustainable leadership through increased interaction among various public
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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