EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Clinical Supervision

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15 Mar 2017
Teacher Evals
3 components of effective process
Philosophy and purpose
Performance criteria
Evaluation procedures
Want teachers to perform at their best to challenge the students and also to
become a better teacher
History of teacher evals
At first, not much was known about how to be a teacher.
Clergy were the ones that hired and fired teachers because they were the
most educated ones
Feedback was varied because there weren’t any concrete guidelines for
1800s: schools became complex
principal→ evaluating teachers
Need complex feedback because it is a complex profession
Clinical supervision
Hunter Lesson Model, used to tell what a good teacher is in their content
5 phases of supervision created the way dialogue should occur in an
Teacher evals not consistent from state to state
Only 28 states require evaluations annually
41 states require evaluations based on student-achievement data
Other teacher evaluation issues
Controversy over teacher evaluation based on student test scores
Controversy over how it is used
Everyone is in support of improving teacher evaluations..but how?
Bias shown towards veteran teachers
Especially if done by principal
Too much focus on student data and test scores
Teaching for the test
Test scores vary from year to year
Negative effect on colleague relationships
Undermine their sense of autonomy
Recommended solutions
Results of observation should be a narrative not a number
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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