EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards Initiative

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15 Mar 2017
National Curriculum
Clear, uniform set of guidelines that specify academic skills students are
expected to know at each grade level
List of topics to be covered and how they should be covered
Countries like Finland and Singapore have national curriculum
In US, no national curriculum, we have 42 states that use Common Core
1965: establishment of national curriculum in the US was banned
Before 1990: talk of national curriculum was only about other countries
1990s: Standard and Accountability movement
2009: Start of Common Core Standards
2013: Next Generation Science Standards created
Common Core
Set of academic standards for the fields of math and language arts
Before common core: over 1000 sets of different standards existed in the
They are:
Research based
Clear, understandable and consistent
Aligned with college and career expectations
Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge
Building upon strengths of state standards
Also based off of other countries
Attempting to prepare students for the real world
Not really curriculum, just goals to hit
Districts still have the autonomy to reach the standards: they create the
The Netherlands
Dutch ministry of Education… set a general national curriculum
Suggests time and target their students should be at
Schools are free to teach core subjects how they like as long as they meet
the standards
National Curriculum was originally introduced in 1988
Program sets out the curriculum and targets for all subjects in four key
Teachers follow the standards of the curriculum, it is more guided than the
common core
Funded by the federal government
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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