EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Safe Sex, Curriculum, Universal Preschool

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22 Mar 2017
Academic Preschools
Started out as just daycares for parents who had to go to work, then they shifted
to an early childhood type of school
Kindergarten was meant to prepare children for the work force
Push for universal preschool for kids
2005: 70% of kids were enrolled in preschool
2 types of Preschools
Very structured
Most of the time is spent on learning academic things such as learning
letters, sounds, etc…
Worksheet and drill based
Child-centered programs
Reading corners, kitchen/play station, sensory areas
Less structured
Focus more on social development
Used themed activities to educate students
Both have different structures and prioritize different goals
Huge debate over which type of preschool is better
People believe academic preschools are better because they help prepare
students for kindergarten
Up until 4th grade academic preschool children were scoring higher, than
in 4th grade play-based preschool students were doing better
Preschools in other countries
2004: Denmark began focusing on 6 main themes in their preschools
Personal and social competence, language, body and motion, nature, and
In Japan: they focus on respect, cooperation, and basic language skills
Parents are expected to teach them things at home
In Finland: preschool is free
National curriculum guidelines
Still have a lot of play time
Have extremely professional teachers for younger children
Do teach students, but focus more on keeping the kids up and moving
Sex Ed
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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