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Lecture 5

ITS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Jared Diamond

International Studies
Course Code
ITS 201
Kathryn Lafever

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CLASS 09/19/17
Theory of Geography: Domesticated food and farming led to high protein plants and livestock
which led to more leisure time to develop technology which led to some nations being
able to wage imperialism.
-Jared Diamond says Europe’s geography is why they were able to take over so much of
the world.
+Mainly through the tools/forces of guns, germs and steel
-Africa was one of the last areas to succumb to Europe during the age of imperialism
-First European settlers arrived in south Africa in 1800s and started farming and ranching
+They got lucky because South Africa had the same climate as Europe so the
settlers could easily farm their crops
-Living closely with livestock gave Europeans resistance to many diseases, but when
they traveled to other place they brought diseases that wiped out indigenous
-Railroads were key for transportation and the conquest of Africa because Europe could
transport forces all over Africa quickly and efficiently
+Helped transport maxim guns which quite literally mowed Africans down until
tribes had no more warriors
-Europe was able to conquer Africa but quickly found out the geography was no longer
their ally but their enemy in Africa
+The land became hard to plow and crops refused to grow
+Their livestock died very easily in Africa which hurt agriculture
+European settlers succumbed to African diseases while natives remained
perfectly healthy
+European crops didn’t growth further North because they were getting closer to
the equator and entering tropical zones where they couldn’t grow crops
like wheat and barley.
*Had to learn to grow new crops and some new cattle/breed more
resistant livestock
-Europe conquered Africa but eventually had to learn to adapt to the African geography
+Couldn’t settle near water sources because of numerous water born illnesses
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