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Lecture 11

ITS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Nato, Satellite State, Core Countries

International Studies
Course Code
ITS 201
Kathryn Lafever

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CLASS 10/19/17
Eastern Europe
-Battle ground and buffer zone sandwiched between major world cults
+Western Europe
+Ottoman Empire
-World War I and World War II started and were largely fought in Eastern Europe
-Transition zone between major global powers
-Eastern Europe sub regions
+Baltic states
-Christianity forged solidarity among Europeans notably against Muslim expansionism
Core or founding European Nations countries: European Union 6
-The Netherlands
-European Union core countries defined by history, geography and/or economy
Cold War: 1945-1990, The United States and the USSR embroiled in political hostility just short
of open warfare
-Eastern Europe aligned with the USSR
-Western Europe aligned with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other United
States allies
Europe: End of the Cold War 1989-1990
-The Iron Curtain and Berlin wall fell
-The USSR dissolved
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