LAS 260 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Agustín De Iturbide, John Cabot, Manifest Destiny

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25 Sep 2017
Spanish Empire
Role of religion: very important because they originally came to spread the
catholic religion
Began to realize how much money could be paid from expansion and ally
making with those living in Spanish colony
Missionaries sent to territories had their own interests
Nueva Espana was claimed by the Spanish crown
Role of Race: created hierarchies among people...developed categories for all
the people
Spanish empire heavily relied on mixing
The Borderlands
The lands along the frontier that are usually known as “buffer zones”
The purpose of these borderlands was to protect new spain
Missions spread throughout the borderlands and many of the names were kept
for major cities around the country
Multiracial societies became the norm in Florida
1540: Francisco Coronado and other explorers ventured through the south and
southwestern US
Texas was sparsely populated and used as a large buffer zone
British Arrive in New World
John Cabot sent to explore in 1497 and laid claim to North America
Henry VIII broke with Catholic church and caused new factions to be created
1607 Jamestown established by the Virginia company
1620 Plymouth established as a family settlement
British colonies maintained their separation unlike Spanish societies were mixing
was encouraged
Pilgrims and Puritans wanted everyone to read the bible unlike the spanish who
only allowed higher ups to read and preach
After Napoleon captured the Spanish crown the Spanish empire began to
crumble and colonies were inspired to become separate nations
Mexican Borderlands
Sept 16, 1810 Mexico declared their independence
1821: Mexico wins independence from Spain
Sept 28, 1821 Agustin de Iturbide crowned himself emperor of Mexico
In Mexico’s early government Americans were welcomed to settle in their territory
Making of the US west
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