MAC 143 Lecture 4: PART 1 Lecture 4: Internet Anxieties

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20 Sep 2018
Internet Anxieties/Living in a Digital Nation
Exam #2
I. Digital Communications Encoding
A. Digital era
1. Digital technology is the dominant way of communication now
2. Any time we communicate we encode
a) Encode = translate
b) Encode into something we can send
c) Recipient decodes into something they can understand
3. Example: telegraph
a) Encode to morse code
b) Person on the other end decodes message
4. Digital Revolution
a) New technology that can encode/decode
b) Computer translates into 1s and 0s
II. Key Technological Steps in the Internet/Digital Revolution
A. Transistors and digital communication (1940s)
1. Key invention of digital era
2. Helps encode
B. Microprocessors (early 1970s)
1. Microchips help process data
C. Fiber optics (mid-1980s)
1. Increased ability to send huge amounts of information faster
2. Becomes infrastructure of internet
D. Next step: fiber optical switches?
1. Make information exchanges faster and more efficient
III. Thinking about Technology
A. Technological Determinism
1. Definition
a) Used to identify a certain way of thinking about technology
b) Gives technology a lot of power
c) Changes everything and affects everything
(1) Fundamentally changes media
d) Power of technology to alter who we are
2. Example; Colbert as google man
a) We rely too much on technology
b) We are becoming technology
c) Man created technology
d) Technology can become a problem when it becomes simple
(1) Not a two way relationship
B. An Integrated Approach to Thinking about Technology
1. Social context and the birth of the infrastructure
a) Cold War
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