MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Fall 2018 Lecture 5 - Video blog, Annie Hall, Everytime

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20 Sep 2018
Lecture 4 Internet Anxieties MAC 143 Part 2:
1. Convergence
a) CBS Sunday story
(1) Every kind of media comes to us in one device
(a) Encoded in the same format
(2) Consequences
(a) Shift masses amounts of power from providers of
these types of media
(b) Corporations who dominated the analog era had to
learn to adapt or disappeared in the digital era
(c) Ex: music industry shift in delivery of products
(i) Buying CDs to music streaming
(3) Gave more power to consumers
(4) Tone of journalist
(a) Even though there is change, some things remain
the same or should stay the same
(i) Ex: good storytelling should remain the
(a) Storytelling has still changed
b) Industry Response: Heroes
(1) Trying to figure out how to adjust narrative to appeal to
new generations
(a) Include the audience in the narrative
(i) Texts about shows
(ii) Follow twitters of the characters
(b) Technologies that consumers have now change the
way the media tells the story
(c) Exclusive online content
(d) Promote interactivity
(i) Example: Vote for your favorite contestant
on The Voice
II. The Internet’s Promises/Problems
A. Utopian/dystopian perspectives (discourses) and new technologies
1. Discourse
a) Definition: a certain way of speaking and perceiving a topic
2. Utopian Discourse
a) Ways of talking about technology in the best way
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