MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Hawaiian Eye, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside 6

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When/Why ABC, NBC, and CBS Mattered
Exam #3
I. Industrial Transformations in the Late 1950s
A. Decline of Drama Anthologies and Rise of Episodic Series
1. Drama anthologies were complicated to produce
a) Liveness made it difficult
2. Drama anthologies were serious, socially relevant, and possibly
a) Companies didn’t want to associate with that
3. Episodic was cheaper and more efficient
a) Same cast, same recurring plot
b) Rehearsed and can re-record scenes
B. Quiz Show Scandals
1. Single sponsorship transitions to magazine sponsorship
2. Rigged game shows so that contestants the company liked would keep
a) Spokesperson for a product
3. Audiences thought it was real
a) Sponsors had a lot of control
4. Scandal gave the big 3 networks the opportunity to take power from the
a) Companies wanted control over development of programming
5. Magazine sponsorship
a) Shorts ads from multiple companies
b) Brought more revenue to networks
C. Networks focus on
1. Control and rationalization of production
a) Making production of TV efficient and cost effective
2. Profitability
a) Maximize profits
3. Selling audiences to advertisers
a) Client of networks was advertisers
b) Audience taste was not a priority
(1) Example: drama anthologies phased out because sponsors
did not have interest in them, not because viewers weren’t
II. The Economics of Network Domination
A. Industry Players in the 1950s and 60s and key terms
1. 3 kinds of stations
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